Friday, February 27, 2009

Yippeeeeee!!!! lol

Well I got my surgery booked for April 3 :O) the only bad part about it is that I will miss the rock & gem show for the first time in about 7 years!!:O( But it's day surgery which makes it all worth it! lmao

I also talked to my Dr. yesterday about the cholesterol thing (he was away last week) & he said because it's heritary that just to take the medicine & enjoy life!!! COOL :o)

The conversation actually went like this " I haven't started taking my medicine yet cause I wanted to talk to you (me to Dr.) first because you know the family history. Mom said that you would say that cholesterol is 90% heriditary & to just take my medicine!!"
Dr. " Well your mom is mainly right (was disputing the %), when cholesterol is heriditary there is nothing changing your diet will do" Put one on the wall for mom, lol & he was laughing when he said it. What I say is "HURRAY for heriditary cholesterol" lmao hehe

So I got my medicine, but I'm going to enjoy the weekend & have a few drinks before I start taking the medicine on Monday. ppplllggghhh But at least he changed which one I was going to be taking because I told him I love grapefruit & grapefruit juice. Guess he figured if there was a fruit or vegetable that I actually ate then he better let me have it!!! lmao

Anyway, back to the surgery!!! lol The surgeon said that I have only one hernia (thank goodness) & it's not as big as I thought!! So should heal quick!! However, little do my kids know & much to their dismay I won't be attending any water parks, amusement parks (well at least going on the rides lol) that will make this happen again. I also told my hubby not to expect me to be going nuts around the house (painting, housework etc) for the next year. I want this healed & I definitely do not want it back!!!!

Have a great one everyone!


  1. Michelle,

    Mom has had experience with all kinds of health issues. I've learned much about all kinds of things and often our dr. says I'm right. I was brought up in a time when self diagnosis was the only way you got through. There was no running to the doctor ever 10 minutes for anything. It cost money to see a doctor back then.

    Aunt May and Grandma Purdy did a great job of teaching medical lessons. They were healers, except Aunt May gave it up when she got older and more medicines came on the scene. Grandma Purdy, on the other hand, knew how to cure most anything from high fevers to swollen ankles.

    I also learned from Nanny Davis, who was your father's great-grandmother. She was a pure blooded Native American and often sent us for willow bark and other healing properties from nature. Wish I had written it all down.

    Looks like you will be back to work soon. I was hoping that wouldn't happen until after the hernia had healed. You make your work toe the line as far as the limitations the doctor gave you.

    Have a great day.

  2. Michelle,

    Stop by my blog and pick up any of the awards that you would like.