Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Oldest's First Trip Away By Himself

I'm sure that most of you know Brandon considering he's all over Mom's blog! lol Well today he's off by himself for the first time!! He left early this morning with his school to go to Quebec City!!

True to Brandon's nature, lol I think he takes after his mom a little, he was up at 4am. We spent the better part of the day yesterday, making sure he had all his stuff. Hoping there wouldn't be any last minute packing, well so much for that idea!!! lol

He has his camera so hopefully he'll get some good shots of Old Quebec, a beautiful part of the city that I enjoyed the most on my trip to Quebec some unmentionable amount of years ago. When he gets back I'll post his pictures. He is a very good photographer! lol

True to the nature of a Mother watching her child go off for the first time, I cried! lol And will be worried about him the whole time. I'm sure he'll do fine & have alot of fun!!! :O)

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  1. Ha! Grandmothers cry too when their grandbabies leave home for the first time by themselves and I didn't even see him off. I will be worried also until he arrives home safe and sound, but know that he will be fine and do us proud. He is growing up and with that will come more tears, more worries and more joy. Being a mother is a mixed bag of emotions and in case you think it will one day end, it doesn't. Mothers worry about their children as long as they live.

    I am looking forward to Brandon's photos and hope he takes lots. If you get a text message from him, please be sure to let me know. Imagine, him having all that fun and us having to stay home. LOL