Monday, February 9, 2009

So I had a absolutely fabulous birthday which kind of amazes me cause out of all the people I invited to my party, not one showed up!!! But in a way it worked out for the better!! lol I met alot of nice people (my husband had invited from work) & because I didn't know them, I really wasn't afraid of making a fool of myself!!! Also I didn't feel like I had to watch out for anyone!!! Which unfortunately is something I'm always doing when i'm partying!! lol

The friend that I'm trying to work things out with sent me a very nice birthday greeting which made my day, considering the one who has forgotten about me for some dude, didn't. So she is gone. I have removed any possible method of communication with her except of course phones!! I can't make her forget my numbers, but hopefully she does!! lol I thought I would be more hurt but considering all the drama she brings with her it actually feels pretty good purging myself of her!!! :O)

My mom gave me the wedding ring that my dad had given her when they were married & my husband bought the amethyst ring that I had wanted!! Pretty strange for someone who only wore my engagement ring about 5 years ago!! lol

o now I'm 40 & I love it!! lol It's pretty amazing how when you're younger you don't want to get older but when it gets here it's not all that bad. I have learned many lessons in my life, & truly I'm not happy unless i'm constantly learning new things!!!!


  1. Michelle,

    We were so busy having fun that I didn't even get to see the ring that hubby gave you. I will have to get to see it soon. We had a good time and it was nice for us all to get togther for presents and cake.

    Have the greatest year ever.

    Love and blessings,

  2. I'm here from your Mom's blog. Happy Birthday!