Thursday, February 12, 2009

Barry & Jordan's trip to Buffalo

So about a week ago a friend on facebook asked "who was the ultimate Ottawa Senator fan." She had tickets that they couldn't use & was looking to give them away! So I commented on her status, lol, asking if she had seen Jordan's coat, blanket etc. She brought the tickets over a couple days later to Jordan's delight.

I wasn't thinking as I did this though, as Barry had tests to go for yesterday (He has Crohns). He went to have a whole body white blood scan done. He had to arrive at the hospital at 8am to have blood taken, & then return at noon to have the blood injected back into his system. During those 4 hours his blood was sent to another hospital & the white blood cells were removed from his system & tagged with a radioactive tag. It was actually these tagged white blood cells that were put back into his system. UGH!!!

So here's the best part to the story!!! lmao

We had an early supper & they left for the game just after 5pm our time. I was surprised I didn't hear from Barry until 7:45 that they had arrived. But knowing how reliable texting is I wasn't concerned. But from what I understand they got held up at the Border going into the United States. lol

Barry said a bunch of men were going from car to car. They came to his window & asked if anyone in the vehicle had, had a medical procedure done recently. Not thinking Barry said "No!" Well then he got thinking! lol He called the gentleman back & told him about the test he had done earlier in the day. This man put a geiger counter up to Barry & I guess the thing started going nuts! They pulled him & Jordan over to the side & scanned the vehicle (thank god they didn't tear it apart). Finally satisfied that it was Barry & not the vehicle setting off the counter they let them go on to their game!!! But did tell Barry that he'd been setting their counters off for a ways back!

So now I have a new nickname for my hubby. Actually two. lmao Bruce Banner & the Hulk. Think I'll save the Hulk for when he's on a rant about something, & Bruce Banner for when he's in a good mood. LMAO

At least those of you living in the United States can feel safe the Hulk will not enter your country. However, coming into Canada was no problem at all!!!!!!

Have a great day everyone!! :O)


  1. Well, that was an experience for Jordan. Anytime we've taken the boys across the border, we've had no problem. So now he knows what it feels like to be detained.

    You forgot to tell us who won the game and if they had fun. ;-) I'm sure Jordan will call me when he gets home from school.

    Enjoy your quiet time.

  2. What a deal....... Good thing I was not headed to Canada a couple of weeks back.. I had to eat radio active isotopes in some scrambled eggs..... IT was some sort of stomach test (I passed, no pun intended) but it would have set those scanners off for sure!

    Glad that the "guys" got to see that game.......

    Good job on the blog and you will be so surprised how quickly you collect friends!

  3. Hey, I came over from your mother's blog. I'm sorry your husband had to be detained, but boy I'm glad our border people are on the job...LOL

  4. although I live in NZ and I came over from your mom's blog too it's nice to know that border patrol are onto it there. wow what a thing to happen

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  6. Oh how funny! I'm just glad they made it to the game!

  7. this is my first visit to your blog, thank you Mary!
    I will return to read your words again soon!