Sunday, February 22, 2009

Brandon's Trip to Quebec

Brandon had sent me a text last Wednesday, he was in the snow park & had become confused!! But he was smart enough to text me in his confusion rather than getting upset!! This actually took alot of worry off my mind for the rest of the trip lol !!!

He got home around 6 on Friday evening & boy did he have some stories to tell!!! He was worried that the other kids were going to do something to him, or steal his stuff, so he slept on the bathroom floor every night he was away, with the door locked!!! (If you don't know, Brandon is on the Autistic spectrum with Asperger's syndrome)

One Thursday they went to another park where they could, snowshoe, dog sled etc!! For this to be understood, you have to realize that Brandon does not like to fail!!! He sometime will break down if he can't figure something out or can't make something work!!!
So I guess they went dogsledding, lmao & when it was his turn to drive, he ran with the dogs up the hill but couldn't jump on the sled. I think I must finally be rubbing off on my oldest son because as he was telling me the rest of the story, he started to laugh "You should have seen Sheldon trying to stop them (the dogs) from the sled Mom"!!! Considering at one time he probably would have been upset that he didn't do it, I'm very proud that he saw the humor in it, something I'm always trying to tell him to do!

Then I guess when they went snowshoeing, he was lagging behind. He could still see everyone but he ended up getting stuck up to his knees in the snow. In his words "They had to put out a rescue mission for me mom"!!!! lmao To get this part (the humor anyway lol ) you have to realize that Brandon is about 5'8" & weighs about 220 lbs. His teacher, who is male, is about 5'5" & weighs about 180 lbs, but thank goodness is very muscular lol. Anyway, back to the story. Brandon's teacher had to come back & help him. Brandon said he kept sinking almost every step on the way back. Poooooor teacher lol. But then I guess the teacher got stuck too & Brandon ended up having to help HIM!!!!! That is probably what made that part of the trip special for him, lol knowing that an adult needed his help!!!!

Those were the things he told me as soon as he got home, to some it might seem like this was the worst trip in the world. But he was happy & chipper like it was the best trip he has ever been on!!!!!

He didn't get any pictures - grrrrrr!!! - except of course of the amusement park that is in the Mall that they went to. I guess that's what you call out of the eyes of a teenage boy!!! lmao I will post them once he gives me his camera lol



  1. Michelle,

    When I had the boys out earlier today, Brandon told me about the dogsledding incident. He told me he got to drive for about 10 minutes and when the dogs went up the hill, they were supposed to stop for him to give them the signal and get on. However, they didn't stop and he was running along behind and finally gave up. A hint of a grin crossed his face when he told me he missed and the dogs took off with his partner. You could tell he thought it was hilarious.

    I think Brandon did us proud. He didn't freak out like he would have at one time and he could see the humor in the things that happened. He's growing up. LOL

    Enjoy him. It won't be long before he is off to school and you will definitely miss him. I worried about him until I realized that he was keeping his phone charged so he could get in touch with you if he needed to. He's going to do fine in life.


  2. Sounds like the trip was a confidence builder for him. I'm glad it all turned out well but I know you were very concerned the whole time he was gone. Thank God for cell phones.
    Mama Bear