Wednesday, February 25, 2009

About Time

Well I finally get to go to the surgeons today!! And about time as far as I'm concerned!!! I've had this stupid thing since the end of August (my hernia), well at least that I noticed but I really think it started in July!

I'm getting right on his A$# about getting me in too! I mean, he tells me to lose weight (grrr) but leaves me to the point where just walking around Crappy Tire with my hubby the other day I was in pain!!!

I can't do Yoga, ( so my backs messed), I can't even go for walks, but this inconsiderate, money making you-know-what, wants me to lose weight!! And people wonder why I have no faith in Doctors. Gee I wonder!!!! Well he's in for a big surprise because I'm going to channel Mom of her younger years while i'm in that appointment today. Geeze it's getting to the point where i'm about to lose my job over this!!! In fact, I think the call I got from the HR girl the other day was basically letting me know that I had. That was until I told her that my Manager wasn't following my Doctor's instructions & work restrictions!! That sure made her change her attitude!!!!

Do these people really think I'm stupid. I mean, truthfully, I don't lay all my cards on the table but that's to prevent outrageous expectations(lol) but I've told most of them that I used to supervise upwards to 120 people & didn't have the issues these people have. Plus the manager I work for now likes to manipulate people. But I was taught by the best at manipulation, guilt trips & controlling from afar, she has nothing on my mother of younger years!!! Sorry mom but you were the Queen!!! lol Especially when you had a teenage daughter!! lmao. Don't get me wrong my mom is awesome & if she hadn't done these things when i was younger & I wouldn't have the awareness of these things in life now. Let's just say, not too many people can put one over on me, cause I can USUALLY see right through them!!!

Ok enough of my venting & ranting for today! lmao
Hope everyone has a great day!!!

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  1. Ha! When you are a single parent for 17 years you learn to watch your back and do anything you can to make things work. I became a master because I had to. I taught you life skills that you would need to get through this dog-eat-dog world.

    Yes, I am a control freak at times, but that, I believe, has to do with the lack of control that I had in my early childhood. You know what I mean and I was determined that no one would ever control me again. Once you are in that mind frame, it takes many years to overcome it. I doubt I ever will and that is just a part of me that was unavoidable considering my background.

    However, there are times that the life lessons I taught you, good or bad, come in handy. You go girl and get after that surgeon. LOL