Monday, February 9, 2009

25 Things About Me!!!

I originally posted this on facebook. But since Mom liked it so much, I thought I would put it on here as well!!!

1. I love my hubby, he is the best man in the world. We finally got married last year after being together for 20 years.

2. My children bring me joy even when I want to videotape what they're doing so hopefully the judge will let me off. (some of you will get this one lol)

3. I returned to school in 2006 to become a pharmacy technician & just passed my certification exam in october through the Ontario College of Pharmacists (Yeah me!!!!)

4. I have not had a complete day unless I embarrass my children in some way, whether it be dancing in a store or at the school (this one works really well) or just bugging them about girls lol
5. I still miss my dad which seems kind of strange considering I never really knew him, he passed when I was 9 but had remarried.

6. I loved my grandfather with all my heart & soul!!!! He was my father figure & taught me many things about animals, nature & spirituality.

7. I am totally terrified of bees, but with good reason. One year (at band) camp (lmao no really camp) I seen two kids stung over 100 times each. I have blocked this out cause I remember them in the tree & I remember the ambulances but can not tell you what happened in between.
8. I am very happy that my not biological big brother added me as a friend! :O)

9. I miss my friend Erica very much!!!!

10. I love chocolate fudge cake, it is the only one i have for my birthday!!!

11. I had a hysterectomy last year. Best decision I ever made in my LIFE!!!!! Except now I have a hernia & have to go for further surgery. ugh!!!

12. My grandfather (yes the same one i love so much lol) traumatized me when I was 6 by watching the movie the birds....I don't hate birds but I sure don't like them flapping around my head. lol

13. I get hurt very easily

14. My favorite shows are: medium, ghost whisperer, fringe among others.

15. I love & have missed just hanging by myself. It brings me into prespective!!!

16. I am a very spiritual person, I enjoy learning about beliefs & lifestyles from all over the world!!

17. I have a gift that gives me premonatory dreams. They never fail me!!!

18. I believe that all people are equal, no matter their social situaion, race, religion or sexual orientation!

19. My goal is to be in the best shape & have the best health I've had in my life by the time i'm 50!! (was a 13 year goal) I started by losing 40 lbs but have gained some back with my hernia (can't do anything grrrr) the hysterectomy was another major step to that goal and hopefully so will be the hernia operation!

20. I LOVE to shovel snow!!! (hence there is some bitterness right now lol cause I haven't been able to do it for 2 years!!!!)

21. As any of the people who worked with me at NCO know.....I HAVE a temper!!! lol

22. My heritage is irish on my mothers side & french, oneida & cherokee on my fathers side (gee do you think this has anything to do with my temper????? lmao)

23. I think about my friend Cindy every year the @ beginning of December!!!! RIP

24. I also think about my neighbour Natalie every year in June (23rd I think) RIP

25. I am eccentric, unpredictable & say what I mean!!! I don't play games, I say it how I feel it!!!!!

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  1. Sometimes, dear daughter, you are too much like your mother. haha!