Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So I got up this morning & ate & drank as much coffee as possible before 5:30 to go for my cat scan this morning!!! ugh

Then to distract myself from not being able to have anymore coffee (grrrrr) I decided to read Mom's (Mary's) blog. I seen that she had added pics & done the blog about my 40th birthday!! lol So guess what? I pilfered all the pics!! lol

I love this one of Griffyn giving me the absolute best bear hug in the world EVER!!!!! I had watched him & his brother on the Friday & taught Griffyn how to high five, low five & then hit knuckles. At the end I threw my arms out & said "Yeah Griffyn". To my utter amazement & joy he ran right up to me & gave the best bear hug I've ever had!! So of course when he came over on my Birthday we had to play the game again!!!! lol
I must say I look pretty rough in some of them (the pics), lol, but that's ok cause I was out partying the night before! :O)

I got some pretty amazing gifts as you can see from my Mom's site. Now if I can get the pics from Gram's camera I got it made lol. By the way, the candles on the cake really do say 12 don't they???? lmao

Have a great day everyone!!!! :O)


  1. So you are stealing my photos. Where's the cops? lol

    I have the photos from Grandma's camera as well. We uploaded her camera when Melissa and Jack stopped to see Dakota.

    Griffyn is adorable. He does give the best bear hugs on earth.

    One of my favorite things in life is kisses and hugs from babies and, of course, my grandsons.

    Have a great catscan. I will get Jordan's project to him, but why did it have to be raining?

    Love and blessings,

  2. Good luck with the scan!!!

    Hey....if you ask me, that's what mom's are for...grabbing the best photos for your own use. I'd do the same. LOL [If you ask Mary, she'll tell you about my love and devotion to Griffyn,.....he's such a doll face!]

    Happy Tuesday.

  3. Hi-just jumped over from your Mom's blog to say congrats on the birthday-and the new blog!!

  4. Your Mom said to come visit so I did. Welcome to bloggerland, have fun. It turns out to be so much better then you ever imagined.
    Now, come visit me when you have a chance. Oh, and if you want to have a nice dream of me winning 20 or 30 million in the lottery, that would be fine with me,lol.

    Again, welcome, have fun and Happy 40th

  5. Here by way of your Mom. Happy Birthday again, and I hope you enjoy blogging as much as we do.



  6. Happy Birthday, "Mary's girl". I ran over to see your blog as soon as Mary told us about it. I'll be back agin, Michele. I feel as though I already know you. Mary loves you and your boys so much!!