Sunday, March 29, 2009

Today would have been my Grandfather's 93rd Birthday!! He taught me to love nature & to love the Earth. I miss him very much!!!! He may not have followed a specific religion but he was the most Spiritual person I've ever known. I believe in my heart that this has to do with the stories he used to tell me about time he spent with the Native American people in Death Valley! Love you Papa!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

What can Spirits Do?

Well if you know me, you know that I'm always joking about the Ghosts of McFarland Manor!! lol I do have spirits in my house & I revel in their company. Yes I'm weird, as most of my friends tell me!! lmao

Anyway, yesterday when I was on the computer, I watched my friend sign in & out of MSN Messenger. Why would I find this weird you wonder. Because my friend works nights & was sleeping at the time. As the message kept coming up " signed in" & then "signed out" over & over again, I recalled a day when I had been over at a friends house having coffee. We had gone over to her computer to check some stuff out on the internet. While we were doing this, I sat there & watched myself sign in & sign out of msn over & over again. I thought this was pretty good since I was halfway across the city!!!

So as I was watching my friends msn continue to do this yesterday, I jokingly said to my husband "............... ghost is playing with her computer!" lol

But now I've got to thinking because I know my friend does have at least one Spirit in her house!! The ice cold shiver up my spine kind of gave that away when I went to visit her, & since I know that I have several in my house, mostly ancestors coming to visit, it got me to thinking............Just what can Spirit's do??
Here is one to totally freak you out; I had a very strange, vivid, wake up with a jolt dream just before Christmas. One of those ones that you know have meaning but have no idea what that meaning is!! When I woke up the next morning & went on the computer....there was a webcam picture of me getting my morning coffee about two hours earlier. I had not taken it & everyone else in the house was sleeping!!! So who HAD taken the picture????
There seems to be proof that Spirits can be heard through recording devices, many people have pictures of orbs, me included. There is even photographic evidence that Spirits show up in pictures taking form. We have all heard stories of ghost moving objects..........& I swear one of mine is a trickster lol, but can our Spirits, our guides & our ancestors actually mess around with our computers??? Wouldn't surprise me in the least!!!!

Just a note of thought!!!!

Have a great day everyone :O)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why Don't People Worry About Themselves First!!!!

Well it's been awile. I only write when the feeling strikes, or I have need to vent!!! lol
I feel the need to write today about why people don't worry about themselves instead of throwing their mistakes in other people faces!!!!!!!

I call these people (well if they are women anyway) Drama Queens!! Always a need to have some kind of chaotic comotion in their lives. These are usually the same women WHO HAVE TO HAVE A MAN!!!!

Now I may not be one to talk as I have been with my hubby for 21 years now! We just celebrated our anniversary last week! But are these people truly dumb enough that they do not see what their endless cycles of chaos, drama & self-sabotage do to themselves & to others???? And god forbide anything ever be their own fault!!!! Nope, it's their kids fault they don't have a man, it's their friends fault they don't have a social life & their parents fault for them being where they are in their adult lives.


Until we learn to like ourselves, no one will truly like us!!!

Until we learn to love ourselves, no one will ever love us!!!!

Until we take pride in who we are & know what we stand for, we are all lost in this adventure of life!!!

Why is it most people are uncomfortable getting to know themselves? There really is no shame & should be no regret in who we are! You would not be who you are unless you had gone through those things that have brought you to where you are!!! If you don't like where you are then there is only one person that can change that. Dropping friends, changing your appearance, changing jobs, none of these will matter until you sit down with yourself, decide what you want & what it is that you are going to do to get there!!!! This is when the positive change will occur.
Have a great day everyone!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Note to not throw cast iron frying pans....they put holes in the walls!!!!

It has been my personal joke for awhile now!!!! Before Christmas whenever my hubby (the HULK today lmao) went on a rant I would say something like: "I'm asking Santa for a cast iron frying pan!" Well a couple of weeks ago, my darling, sweet, Bruce Banner bought me a cast iron frying pan when we were on a trip to Ikea.

So then, my joke was......Barry bought me a cast iron frying pan......little does he know bad I can't lift it!!! lmao Just my way of preventing myself from also getting in a bad mood when the Hulk showed up. lol

This morning he woke up late & was in a total rant. Believe me I wanted to give it to him back! Grrrrr. But instead, as the Hulk was leaving for work, I yelled out the door after him "Have a great day!" With only a slight hint of sarcasm in my voice. lol And if you believe that, I have some swamp land in Florida for sale............Oh wait, mom already sold that to some guy who wanted to put a couple million in her bank account from overseas. lol

So my joke for today is...... Note to not throw cast iron frying pans........they put holes in the walls!!!!!! I don't need any help for that, lmao I still have the Christmas tree shaped hole in my wall from before Christmas. LOL

You have to admit, lol it does kinda look like a Christmas tree! Better the walls then the children!!!! lmao or the husband!!!!!

Have a great day everyone!!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I still have a job!!!! lol

So far anyway!!! lmao She was fine last week when I went in, but she had me scheduled every weekend but last weekend until i'm off for surgery. I told her that I wasn't available the weekend of the 21st of March because it's our 1st/21st anniversary!!! All she said was that she would have to talk to HR about that!!! I felt like asking her if she knew how to think for herself or not, but like a good girl, I bit my tongue. lol Now she's in Italy & I have no answers as to how the schedule is working!!!!

I was also really disappointed yesterday because I didn't get the call from Shopper's that I was expecting!!!! But everyone thinks that the manager is leaving so it might all work out, especially since there are more hours to be had now! lol

Other than that everything is pretty quiet around here lately!

Hope everyone has a great day!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Maybe I should've picked a different title for my blog?? lol

Well off to work I go!! I have to go back to work today with a boss who told the company if I showed up she would quit!!!

So how should I take this!! Well.....the way my brain works lol I have to take it that she doesn't know how to deal with people who are self assured & have strong personalities. I'm sorry but putting up with manipulation & game playing is not in my life agenda!!! I just told a really good friend that she was a female dog lol because of this kind of why would I put up with it from an employer. Some may say you need the money from your job, I say however that life & the universe give you what you need, when you need it!! I have always had this trust (some might call it faith) ever since I can remember, & there may have been times when I couldn't have what I wanted, but I have always had what I need. Food, a roof over my head & love! Really that is all we truly need in life, isn't it???

Maybe this is Mom's fault for teaching me to not put up with people's BS lol (why not blame mom lmao) But she is right!! Life is too short to play games & play with people's minds. I have never liked fake people!!

So off I go into the Lion's den, I may not have a job at the end of the day, but at least I'll be at peace & harmony in my heart & soul!!!


Live, laugh, love, dance but most importantly be true to yourself!!!!