Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I still have a job!!!! lol

So far anyway!!! lmao She was fine last week when I went in, but she had me scheduled every weekend but last weekend until i'm off for surgery. I told her that I wasn't available the weekend of the 21st of March because it's our 1st/21st anniversary!!! All she said was that she would have to talk to HR about that!!! I felt like asking her if she knew how to think for herself or not, but like a good girl, I bit my tongue. lol Now she's in Italy & I have no answers as to how the schedule is working!!!!

I was also really disappointed yesterday because I didn't get the call from Shopper's that I was expecting!!!! But everyone thinks that the manager is leaving so it might all work out, especially since there are more hours to be had now! lol

Other than that everything is pretty quiet around here lately!

Hope everyone has a great day!!!!

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  1. Ha, you didn't tell me about not getting the call from Shopper's and Brandon said something about them being off on Friday and you having to work. Be sure to let me know.