Thursday, March 26, 2009

What can Spirits Do?

Well if you know me, you know that I'm always joking about the Ghosts of McFarland Manor!! lol I do have spirits in my house & I revel in their company. Yes I'm weird, as most of my friends tell me!! lmao

Anyway, yesterday when I was on the computer, I watched my friend sign in & out of MSN Messenger. Why would I find this weird you wonder. Because my friend works nights & was sleeping at the time. As the message kept coming up " signed in" & then "signed out" over & over again, I recalled a day when I had been over at a friends house having coffee. We had gone over to her computer to check some stuff out on the internet. While we were doing this, I sat there & watched myself sign in & sign out of msn over & over again. I thought this was pretty good since I was halfway across the city!!!

So as I was watching my friends msn continue to do this yesterday, I jokingly said to my husband "............... ghost is playing with her computer!" lol

But now I've got to thinking because I know my friend does have at least one Spirit in her house!! The ice cold shiver up my spine kind of gave that away when I went to visit her, & since I know that I have several in my house, mostly ancestors coming to visit, it got me to thinking............Just what can Spirit's do??
Here is one to totally freak you out; I had a very strange, vivid, wake up with a jolt dream just before Christmas. One of those ones that you know have meaning but have no idea what that meaning is!! When I woke up the next morning & went on the computer....there was a webcam picture of me getting my morning coffee about two hours earlier. I had not taken it & everyone else in the house was sleeping!!! So who HAD taken the picture????
There seems to be proof that Spirits can be heard through recording devices, many people have pictures of orbs, me included. There is even photographic evidence that Spirits show up in pictures taking form. We have all heard stories of ghost moving objects..........& I swear one of mine is a trickster lol, but can our Spirits, our guides & our ancestors actually mess around with our computers??? Wouldn't surprise me in the least!!!!

Just a note of thought!!!!

Have a great day everyone :O)


  1. I'm not much on ghosts and spirits...except for Halloween and then the spirits I find in the liquor cabinet. But one time recently I really thought I had captured a ghostly apparition in our back yard!--------- HERE's a LINK to my post

  2. I am like Hoot.........Not much on the ghosts and spirits thing......... I do think that there is something out there in the spirit world but I am thinking more on the demon side... I cannot find anything in the word of God about ghosts............BUT!!! while living in England in the 60's I did see something one night that I cannot explain.... sooo I just have to leave this all to God and let HIM figure it out!

    Have a blessed Thusday

  3. Ha! I'm thinking it's more like a hacker than a ghost fooling with your friend's computer. Ask her if she has a good firewall.

    Spirits are everywhere. It just depends if we are sensitive to them. Be sure to check out Anni's spirits.

    Have a good day at work.
    Love, Mom

  4. I do not believe in ghost, but I know there are demons in the world.