Thursday, March 12, 2009

Note to not throw cast iron frying pans....they put holes in the walls!!!!

It has been my personal joke for awhile now!!!! Before Christmas whenever my hubby (the HULK today lmao) went on a rant I would say something like: "I'm asking Santa for a cast iron frying pan!" Well a couple of weeks ago, my darling, sweet, Bruce Banner bought me a cast iron frying pan when we were on a trip to Ikea.

So then, my joke was......Barry bought me a cast iron frying pan......little does he know bad I can't lift it!!! lmao Just my way of preventing myself from also getting in a bad mood when the Hulk showed up. lol

This morning he woke up late & was in a total rant. Believe me I wanted to give it to him back! Grrrrr. But instead, as the Hulk was leaving for work, I yelled out the door after him "Have a great day!" With only a slight hint of sarcasm in my voice. lol And if you believe that, I have some swamp land in Florida for sale............Oh wait, mom already sold that to some guy who wanted to put a couple million in her bank account from overseas. lol

So my joke for today is...... Note to not throw cast iron frying pans........they put holes in the walls!!!!!! I don't need any help for that, lmao I still have the Christmas tree shaped hole in my wall from before Christmas. LOL

You have to admit, lol it does kinda look like a Christmas tree! Better the walls then the children!!!! lmao or the husband!!!!!

Have a great day everyone!!



  1. You are BAD. I taught you NOT to throw things. Now you have to pay to repair that hole and why haven't I seen it when I've been at your house? Hiding things from Mommy, eh?

    Little girls who throw things (and no matter how old you get, you are still my little girl) get spankings. LOL So prepare yourself.

    Give the HULK a downer and tell him to behave. He's a bad influence on the children when he becomes the HULK.

  2. I did that before Christmas lmao so wasn't done by a frying pan!!! lol It was there when everyone was over for Christmas Dinner too!!!!! hehe lol