Sunday, March 29, 2009

Today would have been my Grandfather's 93rd Birthday!! He taught me to love nature & to love the Earth. I miss him very much!!!! He may not have followed a specific religion but he was the most Spiritual person I've ever known. I believe in my heart that this has to do with the stories he used to tell me about time he spent with the Native American people in Death Valley! Love you Papa!


  1. How blessed you are to have had such a warm Papa in your life!

  2. Michelle,

    Papa loved the Earth and nature, for sure. I miss him also. He was always there to give advise about the curves that life sent us. In fact, I wish he was here now to give me some sound advise on this plumbing problem.

    I learned many things from him...a love of to tell a good story...and how to do a lot of things that, as a girl, most fathers wouldn't have bothered with. I wish he had lived to teach you some of the things he taught me, but from the sounds of it, you learned what was most important. He left you a legacy. Cherish it.