Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Maybe I should've picked a different title for my blog?? lol

Well off to work I go!! I have to go back to work today with a boss who told the company if I showed up she would quit!!!

So how should I take this!! Well.....the way my brain works lol I have to take it that she doesn't know how to deal with people who are self assured & have strong personalities. I'm sorry but putting up with manipulation & game playing is not in my life agenda!!! I just told a really good friend that she was a female dog lol because of this kind of why would I put up with it from an employer. Some may say you need the money from your job, I say however that life & the universe give you what you need, when you need it!! I have always had this trust (some might call it faith) ever since I can remember, & there may have been times when I couldn't have what I wanted, but I have always had what I need. Food, a roof over my head & love! Really that is all we truly need in life, isn't it???

Maybe this is Mom's fault for teaching me to not put up with people's BS lol (why not blame mom lmao) But she is right!! Life is too short to play games & play with people's minds. I have never liked fake people!!

So off I go into the Lion's den, I may not have a job at the end of the day, but at least I'll be at peace & harmony in my heart & soul!!!


Live, laugh, love, dance but most importantly be true to yourself!!!!


  1. Michelle,

    I've taught you well, my daughter, but we are to use finesse when doing things like this. LOL Be good. Be kind and treat Yabo (?)with respect. That will make you a better person.

    I wish you luck. I highly detest these types of situations, but you know what I'd do, and yes, all of our needs will be provided.


  2. Yep, I do know what you would do mother dear! lmao that's why I'm saying I might not have a job left!!! lmao I know, I know lol kill them with kindness -- not to self, it's even illegal to maim stupid people!!! lol

  3. How funny....... and thank God for a mother that taught you that you ARE somebody........ I have two sons and they are both very small boned small in stature but people that know them call them Banty Roosters....... they will get in your face right now...... Good kids and well respected.. You stand tall and live according to your values and others may hate you but they will respect you.......

    You go girl !