Saturday, September 12, 2009

Summer was Awesome - Bring on Fall

Well I really didn't get to finish everything I wanted to write down yesterday as I had to head out for work!

Summer was awesome!!!! We didn't do alot but still had a great time. Went to Niagara Falls with & without the kids several times. Went to the beach with friend/s. But mainly just relaxed!!!

My healing process from surgery is complete now. Thank God!! But Doctor says that I'll never be able t o move furniture by myself again......There goes that fun lol ! But summer is over now!! The ending of something but the beginning of another!!

Brandon started High School & I was very scared for him!!! But he is doing awesome!! He absolutely loves it. Jordan is on his own this year (without his body guard that is lol) but he seems to be doing great also!! He is not impressed that he doesn't have any friends in his class but hopefully his marks will reflect that!! lol I can hope can't I????? lmao So I'm kind of at a loss!! They have totally baffled me, both of them! lol But hey, what are kids for??? :o)

I myself have gone to full time hours. I started my new job back in May after my surgery. I was hired on part time but one of the girls, :'o( miss her already, went on maternity leave so now I am working full time for a year!! I love my job! My boss is great, the girls I work with are awesome, although one of them drives me rather nuts at times, but it takes all kinds to make the world go round! lol

I have previously written about two different individuals that I wasn't getting along with very well. One of them & I have become very close again & i'm very glad :o) I missed her as I have said before, I love the way she makes me think!! The other I have re-established communications with, we'll see how that goes!! lol I love spending time with my friends but am trying to remember that my sanity comes from my quiet by myself time!! Time to think, go within & to contemplate!!

So today, as my hubby is going to be out with the boys from work & my kids are going off to mom's, I think i will have lunch with a friend but then I'm coming home & enjoying being with myself. lol It goes with my previous writing, if we don't know who we are, then how can we love ourselves!!! In order to love others, we need to love ourselves first!!!!!

My prediction for 2009 was that 2009 was going to be fine!! So far it has been. Bring on fall!! I can't wait to see what the rest of 2009 has in store!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!


Friday, September 11, 2009

Well I haven't been writing lol so much for writing on here everyday! Today I just had too much to say for a one line comment on facebook or msn.

Today is a day of emotion for many. My thought on 9/11 for today "May we never forget that we are not untouchable!"

A friend on facebook has the comment today " That Karma is how we react to other people!" This has me a little befuddled!! Does the law of Karma not state "What you put out comes back to you times 3?" Yes we should be aware of how we react to other people, but letting people humiliate & walk all over us is not good for the soul. Maybe what we should remember here, is to be aware that maybe we have done something to someone in past & this is karma's way of giving it back to us! I read Eckhart Tolly's book & did the classes that Oprah did & I believe his idea's of "Being in the moment" are good ones!! If we are aware of what we are doing right now at this very moment then we will be aware of our reactions!!!

Gotta head out. Have a great day!!! :o)