Friday, September 11, 2009

Well I haven't been writing lol so much for writing on here everyday! Today I just had too much to say for a one line comment on facebook or msn.

Today is a day of emotion for many. My thought on 9/11 for today "May we never forget that we are not untouchable!"

A friend on facebook has the comment today " That Karma is how we react to other people!" This has me a little befuddled!! Does the law of Karma not state "What you put out comes back to you times 3?" Yes we should be aware of how we react to other people, but letting people humiliate & walk all over us is not good for the soul. Maybe what we should remember here, is to be aware that maybe we have done something to someone in past & this is karma's way of giving it back to us! I read Eckhart Tolly's book & did the classes that Oprah did & I believe his idea's of "Being in the moment" are good ones!! If we are aware of what we are doing right now at this very moment then we will be aware of our reactions!!!

Gotta head out. Have a great day!!! :o)

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