Monday, February 23, 2009

Well this is what I think of my lifestyle change!!! I made sure I had lots of fruits & vegetables when we did groceries on the weekend. But I just can't afford to go out and buy all low fat or no fat products right now. However, as we need to replace them, I will make sure they are replaced with no fat, or low products.
The one I'm really going to have problems with is gravy!!!!!! I love gravy & that is why I made sure I made beef stew on the weekend lol. I usually eat gravy on everything, buns, potatoes, bread etc. I can make low fat cookies & such but I really don't think that there is anyway that you can make low fat gravy!!!!!
Have a great day everyone!!!


  1. Michelle,

    You really don't eat gravy all that often and it shouldn't hurt. Dr. P told me that food doesn't really make a difference. It's all genes pretty much and the way your body processes the food. So, a bit of gravy now and then is fine. Enjoy life. We never know when it's going to be over, but do use moderation.

    You really need to go and visit this lady's blog. She is an Aspie and you will enjoy her outlook on life. She enjoyed my accounting of Brandon's trip and left a comment. Her name is Vickie.

    Have a great day. Talk atcha later.

    Love Mom

  2. Hello Michelle,
    I found your blog on your mom's website. As for your gravy...I melt some Brummel and Brown (you could use light Becel) and then add some flour to the mix until it gets close to a flaky pie crust texture. Then I add the beef/turkey drippings (To begin, I put it in the fridge so the fat "freezes".) Then, I lift it off so that all that remains is the juice.
    Let it cook until it thickens and you have a lower-fat gravy that you may want to season but otherwise can be quite tasty. My family really enjoys this. I'm glad Brandon had a good time in Quebec.

  3. Good morning Michelle:-)

    I've been wanting to drop in and welcome you to the wonderful world of blogging but as usual I'm way behind with visits! lol I had the pleasure of meeting your mom last summer and we look forward to many more visits, I just love her to bits!!

    The Cookie Monster sure has it right in that picture! LOL Gravy is one of my downfalls as well as anything sweet. Why is it all the good stuff has so many calories????

    I'm so glad that Brandon had such a wonderful time on his trip to Quebec. When I had read that he was going, I was wondering how he would handle it all but he seems to have done well:-)

    If you have a chance, come visit me at PEA's Corner:-) xox

  4. Hi Michele, I cam over from your Mom's place. Actually, you can make gravy low fat. Use some light margarine and skim milk. If you've cooked something like sausage that is mostly lean, then the margarine will help you scrap up the drippings and give you a base for the flour.
    Some of the gravy mixes that come in envelopes and only require water will also work.
    Good luck,
    Mama Bear